Class Teacher: Helena Austin

Senior Support Assistant – Emily Bragg

Teaching Assistant – Magalie Dabin & Danielle Weston-Webb


Sun and Moon are reception classes that follow the Early Years Curriculum. There are two classes within the Early Years department although we work very much as one unit. The children learn primarily through play. By promoting a love of learning through fun, practical, everyday activities we aim to increase the children’s independence, which boosts their confidence and self esteem and further their development across all areas of the curriculum.

The children have a range of difficulties comprising of speech and language needs, social, physical and more complex needs including Autism. We use a range of programs to support the individuals learning. These include daily speech, language, physio and occupational therapy activities such as intensive interaction, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECs), communication boards and activities to develop gross motor and life skills.


Sun and Moon Curriculum Map 2015-16



Early Years Welcome newsletter September 2015

Early Years Autumn 1 newsletter October 2015

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