We value very highly the contributions parents make to the development and education of their children.  We encourage regular contact and discussion, and hold an open door policy for parents who wish to come in to school.  We hold three parents’ evenings a year as well as reviewing the child’s statement annually in a meeting with the class teacher and a member of the senior leadership team.

We also hold workshops for parents exploring different elements of special education.  In the Spring term 2014 we have already covered Speech and Language, and discussed what is meant by good progress for our pupils.  In this next half term we will discuss behaviour and social skills.  Our plan in the summer term is to run longer parent workshops following on from what we have started over this term.

We also hold parent coffee mornings twice per half term.  This was also started in the Spring Term 2014, with a professionals fair.  We invited the Buckinghamshire Family Information Service in for our second coffee morning, and parents agreed these have been a great source of information about services out there which sometimes they are not always made aware of.

Future dates:

Coffee mornings:

Thursday 27th February, 9:30 am

Thursday 27th March, 9:30 am


Friday 7th March, 1 pm – behaviour focus

Friday 28th March, 1 pm – social skills focus

We also have regular whole school themed days where parents come in to assemblies or work with their child’s class to see how they are working.  On March 27th we are having the Maths Puzzle Company in for the day, and parents will have the chance to find out about this at the extended coffee morning on that date.